Benefits of Shopify Membership

Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms. Actually, don’t be concerned by the fact that it’s not free, because it includes amazing support by the Shopify team and no additional payment for hosting is required. All that you need to do is install a theme, customize and start selling your products.

If you are an owner of an online-shop, you know that it’s crucial to give your products a worthwhile presentation, so that customers are given the opportunity to see the assortment in every detail. Moreover, it’s important to choose the right eCommerce platform to be able to accomplish everything that has been mentioned.

Shopify Themes by TemplateMonster: why choose them?

It could be a problem to find a better source of higher-quality templates than those which have been created by TemplateMonster.

Each of them is responsive and includes everything that you need for making your website an incredible promotional tool: customization options, tons of useful plugins and, for example, SEO-optimization.

Now you have the opportunity to subscribe to one of our plans and, by doing this, save a lot of money.

Now let’s look at them more closely:

  • Bronze Plan ($228, $19/mo): 60 themes, 5 themes/month;
  • Silver Plan ($348, $29/month): 120 themes, 10 themes/month;
  • Gold Plan ($588, $49/month): unlimited themes, unlimited downloads;
  • Single Site License (for comparison): $139 for 1 theme.

A multitude of Shopify themes: do you really need them?

You may have only one online-store, but, to be honest, you may need to try out different designs and find out which one suits your requirements perfectly. That’s why a 1-year subscription plan (or Bronze Plan) would be ideal for such a purpose. It’s the cheapest version, but it provides a lot of opportunities. Just imagine that you have 60 themes from among which you can make your selection.

Maybe, you can even decide to open more than one online-shop in which case you will already have your own small collection of themes to create a website.

Actually, in addition to this, it sounds like an excellent offer for web-developers. There are so many benefits because you pay less, but can earn more.

What exactly is the best plan for you?

Everything depends on the number of customers you have. Just think about it a minute! If you choose the Gold Plan, one theme will cost you only $2. Then imagine the number of websites that you can build for your clients and the offer begins to sound even more enticing.

Now you know everything that you need to choose your personal subscription plan. Save your money and impress your customers with top quality and amazing eCommerce website designs!