How to plan an unforgettable office Holiday Party: Best 5 Ready-to-Use Event Planner Templates

‘The first month of the year, a perfect time to start all over again, changing energies and deserting old moods, new beginnings, new attitudes.’ – said Charmaine J. Forde about January. Without a doubt, this month is an ideal time to start realizing your plans. To say more, January has always been the time full of joy thanks to winter holidays. For these simple reasons, there are a lot of unforgettable holiday parties that take place in January. Needless to say, the list includes the office parties as well. Seeing that, today we have something unusual for our readers. As you can see from the name of this post, here we will tell you how to plan a wonderful office holiday party. For these simple reasons, we have prepared a small selection of top 5 digital event planner templates for your online project. Are you ready to start planning your shining event?

What Are These Holiday Party Templates?

‘As you may know, today it is popular to build an online project with the help of the ready-made templates. Why? Well, to start with, these products do not require you to have any coding knowledge. To say more, you can use them even if you have never had a site. Secondly, these crisp event planner templates are pre-packed with multiple options you may need for a worthy online project. For example, these themes are crossbrowser compatible. In a word, it means that the site you launched will look professionally in all the possible and impossible browsers. What is more, the showcased holiday party templates have a valid, semantic code. It is SEO-friendly, so the biggest search engines will index your site rapidly. To end with, the provided templates are highly responsive.

How to Start Working with These Bodacious Holiday Party Templates?

‘As soon as you have found your ideal event planner theme, you will see an extensive documentation in its pack. There are the step-by-step installation guides you may use. Honestly speaking, each and every of these ace event planner templates is easy in use and installation. On the other hand, there is a friendly technical support you may contact. It is absolutely free and works 24 / 7!

About the Features of These Incredible Holiday Party Templates

‘To make a long story short, these invigorating event planner themes contain all the necessary features. Just check this short list below!

  • First of all, there is a quick Newsletter Subscription that allows your viewers to receive all the news via their emails automatically. With it, people will always know about the latest updates, changes or upcoming events.
  • Secondly, each of these hip event planner templates has the comfortable maps in its package. Thanks to this simple feature, your guests will see the location of the office holiday party. What is more, people will be able to find the shortest way to it.
  • Some of these brilliant event planner themes feature Parallax scrolling. For today this is one of the most popular web trends thanks to its beauty and simplicity.
  • What is more, don’t forget about such things as Hamburger Menu that allows you to hide multiple pieces of information.

‘Now it is time to move to these outstanding event planner themes for your office holiday party! Still, we have another awesome thing to be mentioned. Last fall TemplateMonster became an impressing digital marketplace. Therefore, now the company helps the young designers with the prosperity of their deal. Furthermore, this is a real chance to earn good money. Naturally, the offer comes for the beginners as well as for the skilled pros. Thus, don’t miss your chance to enlarge the audience because there are so many advantages you will have!

Event Planner – Attention-grabbing and Elegant Joomla Template

‘We propose you to start with this elegant Joomla template, as it is responsive enough to make your online project adapt to any gadget and any screen size. For these simple reasons, the viewers of your attention-grabbing site will not be restricted by any limits (like location or device) that will surely make user experience onsite better! To say more, this unbelievable Joomla theme contains Theme Color Switcher, which allows you to change the interface in a single click. Moreover, the feature is so easy-to-use, so you can tweak the project in accordance with your personal preferences even if you have no experience.

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Intense – Immersive and Voguish Event Planner HTML5 Landing Page Template

‘Before all else, Intense is an immersive event planner template, which has a rich UI Kit and provides your online project with a valid, well-commented coding. To say more, this voguish HTML5 landing page template is absolutely Crossbrowser Compatible, so your long-awaited website will work great no matter which browser a visitor uses. Another must-have option this hip event planner theme provides you with is a magical Parallax effect, which allows you to guide people through the content in all its glory. For these simple reasons, the effect will charm your visitors thanks to an unforgettable illusion of 2D depth and motion.

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Echrist – Strikingly-colored and Tantalizing Event Planner Landing Page Template

‘The first thing you should know about this tantalizing event planner template is that Echrist comes with 15 colorful types of home page, 5 special Christmas demos, and 4 amazing color variations. Therefore, built with Bootstrap 4, this strikingly-colored product lets its owner create a unique online project without working with the code. What is more, choosing the showcased template, you will have a rich variety of web fonts and more than 2,000 Iconfont icons to enrich your site with. Also, there are over 400 neat FontAwesome icons that are pretty versatile, so don’t miss the boat and view out Echrist’s live demo right now!

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Live Event – Groundbreaking and Top-grade Conference, Event & Meetup Landing Page Template for Office Your Holiday Party

‘To make a long story short, Live Event is a ready-made solution for those users, who would like to quickly run a worthy landing page, related to a shining event. That is why this groundbreaking theme features such stylish things as Countdown Timer, which shows how much time is left before the party starts. What is more, there is a minimalist Hamburger Menu that allows you to hide a lot of information and make the project look clear at the same time. Furthermore, Live Event additionally has a beautiful Pricing Section, where you can put all the details of your party without a hitch.

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Party Time – Bright, Bodacious, and Powerful Entertainment Event Planner Shopify Theme

‘To finish with, we suggest you take a closer look at Party Time because this fully responsive, crossbrowser compatible and mobile-friendly event planner theme has all the things you may need and even more! For example, this bodacious Shopify theme comes with a modern MegaMenu plugin, which allows you to construct the menus of any complicity. With its help, you can add multiple categories and subcategories to the design of your bright online project and do it without any technical skills. What is more, Party Time features Product Badges that are the small elements you can add to the items to highlight their price and other interesting information.

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Well, for today these were all the magnificent event planner templates for a holiday party we have for you. As you can see, now it is so easy to manage a good-working and visually-pleasing online project. Yes, you can impress people with the quality of your site even if you have never built one before. That is why all the introduced event planner themes are feature-rich. Shortly, it means that they are already pre-packed with all the top features and voguish design elements. By the way, each and every element is flexible. As a result, it will look gorgeous on any device with any screen size. At the same time, all the features are easy-to-use. Moreover, you will have a rich package of readable and eye-pleasing web fonts. All of them are free for you! To sum everything up, the newest resources allow you to do your best in website building without a hitch. Given these points, don’t hesitate to view out all the event planner templates to find the very theme. Let this charming winter inspire you! Let’s set up a marvelous site and impress your co-workers together!