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  • Deep-sea Acoustic Neutrino: Topics By Science Gov

    Sex subsequently takes place in the shadow of exploitation, illegitimacy, jealousy, spousal abuse, cuckoldry, desertion, harassment, and rape. 1) The literature on physiological arousal and task efficiency was a multitude, with some folks finding performance improvement with greater arousal and a few people discovering performance decrement. Zajonc confirmed that, for the simplest duties, the greater […]

  • To Catch Deep-space Neutrinos, Astronomers Lay Traps In Greenland’s Ice Slashdot

    If it leads to further explanations of issues that did not seem to wish explaining, that is higher. If it makes an enormous stink, as educational vested interests try to protect the status quo within the face of far reaching implications, it is among the best. I have chosen Michael Vickers’ easy and immensely influential […]

  • Shallow Trap States: Matters By Science Gov

    For others, they may be the discovery of a T-rex fossil, or the sound of bird song on an ideal spring day. To see better and deeper, I build telescopes, giant and small. I like my photons recent, not collected by CCD or analyzed by pc. I want to encounter the cosmos head-on, letting it […]